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Roscoe Field 82J is located beneath a shelf of NAS Pensacola’s Sherman Field Class C airspace. Three miles North and West of the field, the bottom of the Class C airspace descends from 1400' AGL to 700' AGL. The top of our airspace cut-out is 700’ AGL, pattern altitude is 500’ AGL (532 ft. MSL). Arrivals from the North and West can be made without contacting Pensacola Approach.

The grass runway is adjacent to the asphalt and has no defining feature from the taxi-way. Please keep a look out for white tire-markers and taxiway lights.

If landing after dark or at dusk, please be cautious of deer on runway. Low approaches on the first pass are often used by local aviators.

Be sure to check NOTAMS for the area and contact Roscoe Airport office (850-453-4181) for the latest Blue Angel schedule or Gainesville FSS (800) 992-7433



If penetrating NAS Whiting/Pensacola Regional/NAS Pensacola Class C airspace, (or if Pensacola Approach Control Radar services are desired), contact Pensacola Approach Control on one of the following frequencies:

340-159 Degrees … 190.0 MHz

160-250 Degrees … 120.65 MHz

251-339 Degrees … 118.6 MHz

Advise them that you are landing at Roscoe Field 82J. When released from ATC frequency, self-announce 10 miles out (if on CTAF 122.8 at that distance), on downwind, on base leg, on final, and on leaving the runway.



Arrivals without talking to Radar Control can be made either from the North or the West flying under the class C shelves.

Please be aware of traffic arriving and departing our airport. We request that radio calls are made frequently to update other aircraft of your intentions and locations.  Common waypoints to call from are:

Lillian Alabama Bridge 3nm to the West

Saufley Field / VOR (Closed) 4nm to the North.


Enter from the North or Northwest at 527' MSL, offset to the West of the traffic pattern. Abeam the departure end, turn left crosswind then left to the downwind for Runway 18. 




Climb straight ahead to 300' MSL (remain within 1 nm South of the field), turn left crosswind then left downwind. Depart to the North or Northwest at pattern altitude 527' MSL from the downwind.  


Enter from the North or Northwest at 527' MSL into the downwind. Left hand traffic. 


Depart to the North or Northwest at pattern altitude 527' MSL.  

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Fuel Services

24/7 Self Serve Fuel

Roscoe Field 82J proudly serves both AVGAS 100LL and Blended Jet-A through Titan Aviation Fuels.

Utilizing Fuel Masters dispensers, self serve allows anyone to fuel their aircraft at anytime day or night.

Fuel sales are instrumental in allowing us to pay for events such as our monthly breakfasts, movie nights, fly-in's and help sponsor the EAA & Young Eagles. It also pays for our airport maintenance & upgrades, keeping the airport operational and running smoothly.


By purchasing fuel here at Roscoe, you're helping make this airport the best it can be for everyone.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

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Tie downs

Roscoe Field 82J has both grass and asphalt tie downs available for transient customers. Monthly leases are also available. 

Grass Tie Downs

Daily  -  $15.00

Monthly  -  $75.00

Asphalt Tie Down

Daily  -  $20.00

Monthly -  $100.00


Hangars here are Roscoe are built with hurricanes in mind. While not hurricane proof they are built with heavy duty storm doors and constructed to withstand high winds.

T-Hangar Rate  

Monthly  -  $510.00

vehicle parking

Roscoe Field 82J allows tenants to park a vehicle in our designated parking area located at our FBO for free. For those that travel to and from Roscoe, a lease agreement is available for your  convenience.

Vehicle Parking0

Tenants  -  FREE

Monthly  -  $75.00


Rental cars

Here at Roscoe Field 82J we recommend Guardian if you need transportation while visiting. 

Guardian has been in the car rental business since 1990 and has been serving us for over 10 years. Customers appreciate their convenience; not only will they have a car ready for you at the airport upon arrival, but they will also retrieve it from us when you depart.

It's a no-fuss process. Simply leave the keys with us, and they'll pick up the car when they're ready.

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