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Roscoe Field, formerly known as Ferguson Airport is located just 2.5 miles north of NAS Pensacola, home of the Naval Aviation Museum and the United States Navy’s Blue Angels. It's also just a short drive from beautiful beaches, golf courses, fishing spots, and other recreational activities.

For over 50 years, we've been providing a high-quality atmosphere to the Western Panhandle aviation community and visitors from around the country. We began as a crop dusting outpost and have since become a self-service airport and Fixed Base Operator (FBO).

LCDR. B. C. Ferguson founded the airport in the 1950s as a place to repair and maintain Stearmans during the winter off-season. The airport started as a 1200 ft. grass strip, and it's now a 3200 X 40 ft. paved runway. The airport suffered some damage from Hurricane Frederick in 1979 and Hurricane IVAN in 2004, but it has since rebuilt.

Roscoe Field 82J is one of the few privately owned public-use airports remaining in the area.


Ross Ansell was a beloved figure in the aviation community. He dedicated his life to the improvement of Ferguson Airport (82J) and the businesses he started there. His passion for aviation was unmatched, and he worked tirelessly to make Roscoe Field a destination for pilots and travelers alike.

Tragically, Ross passed away unexpectedly, but his legacy lives on. In honor of his contributions, Ferguson Airport was renamed to Roscoe Field. His dedication to the airport and its community will never be forgotten.

Ross was a visionary who saw the potential in Ferguson Airport and worked tirelessly to bring that potential to fruition. He believed in the power of aviation to bring people together and create opportunities. His legacy is a testament to his passion and dedication.

Today, Roscoe Field continues to thrive, thanks in no small part to Ross's tireless efforts. His impact on the airport and the community it serves will always be remembered and celebrated.

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